Patient Reviews

Mardee Van Brunt
10 months ago
Excellent Doctor's and the staff are very friendly and my visits they're pretty darn fun as well.
Gina Myers
10 months ago
I’ve had many treatments of prolotherapy due to figure skating injuries. The only reason I can continue to skate is Dr. Osborn and his staff. They are top-notch all the way around, but especially the thoroughness of the exam and treatment by Dr. Osborn. I highly recommend them!
Tami Lee
11 months ago
Dr. Osborn is thorough in his exams and I appreciate that he wants to find the origin of the pain. His treatments are very effective and I find the science behind the healing fascinating! The staff is second to none and they all have great personalities. I highly recommend a consult with him if you are suffering from pain.
Judy Taylor
11 months ago
My questions regarding my issues were finally answered and explained. Was given a full evaluation. Will be getting continued treatment.
Tanya Downing
11 months ago
Dr. Osborn and his staff are absolutely top notch. I refer all my friends and family. I have received a few sessions of prolotherapy on my neck and upper back with amazing results. Thank you Dr. O and Colleen for always taking such good care of me.
Sharon Carol
12 months ago
Dr Crider gave succinct information so I can make good choices.
James Wheeler
12 months ago
Dr. Osborn, treated my neck and back and relieved my pain after 5 months of Accupuncture and chiropractic care. I wish I would have found him sooner. He is knowledgeable and professional many years of experience. The whole staff is kind and helpful.I usually don’t write reviews. I’m making an exception for an exceptional Dr!
Michelle Funston
12 months ago
As I begin the new year, I reflect back to a challenging 2020 and all I have to be thankful for. And I am especially thankful for Dr. Crider and the entire team at the Center for Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine!Today, thanks to the blood platelet injection procedures performed by Dr. Crider, I am no longer experiencing the debilitating pain radiating from my lower back and left hip. My ability to engage in various physical activities has been restored.My story: Although I have Parkinson’s, I am a physically active person who enjoys hiking, golfing, and exercise routines at the local health club. However, earlier this year I began to experience intense left leg and lower back pain and spasms. My mobility (already challenged by Parkinson’s) was reduced, at times, to reliance on a cane or crutches. My sleep was interrupted. Massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments provided limited and temporary pain relief. I also engaged a physical therapist who developed an exercise program to help me address the pain and increase movement abilities.Although these various treatment programs were helpful, the pain persisted, and my quality of life continued to suffer. Finally, after consultation with an Orthopedic Surgeon, I received an MRI. I was diagnosed with a partial tear of the gluteus minimus tendon and lower spinal arthritis. The recommended treatment for the tear was mild physical therapy with possible healing over time. The explanation was that the muscle groups around the tear would be strengthened and help compensate for the weakness and pain associated with the tear. I was referred to a neurosurgeon for a consultation regarding the lower spine arthritis.Fortunately, my physical therapist was informed about the treatment option offered by Dr. Crider. On her recommendation an appointment was made. My husband and I met with Dr. Crider and his assistant, Christina. Dr. Crider’s friendly and professional demeanor (and that of Christina) quickly put me at ease. Dr. Crider reviewed my MRI and listened intently to my description of the pain and movement limitations. He carefully explained the blood platelet treatment program designed to repair the injured areas as well as what I should expect from a neurosurgeon consultation appointment. All our questions were answered.After discussion with my husband, I made the decision to proceed. After two treatment sessions performed 8 weeks apart (the last one at the end of July), I am so happy to report that today I am pain free and enjoying a significant improvement in mobility!
12 months ago
Dr. Crider, Dr. Osborne and their team are all friendly, professional and provide smart and excellent care. Wish I’d found them sooner!
Dave Ames
12 months ago
Knowledgeable and friendly staff. They offer amazing alternatives to surgery and/or pain.Highly recommend a consult if you have joint, disc or tendon problems.
Scott Mills
1 year ago
Took the time to explain a fairly complex process and make sure I had all the information I needed to make a decision on the best options for me.
Julie O'neill
1 year ago
Very professional, kind, and knowledgeable. Excellent experience with our daughters treatment of her torn acl and meniscus. Helped her avoid surgery and get back to activity so much faster then the surgery route
Jennifer Wendt-del Monaco
1 year ago
Been a patient of Dr. Harris for quite a few years and am very happy for him on his new practice!!
Karen Harry
2 years ago
Looking forward to the nerve block that I received today to help or heal it. Dr Osborne and his staff are awesome. Wish I had known about him sooner.
Stan Alexander
2 years ago
who wants to get cut on. not me so I'd rather get my work done at regenexx
Carole Mercer
3 years ago
I had torn up shoulder ligaments and I got all put back together. I can resume my very active ranching and equine liberty life.
Sharon Lorraine
4 years ago
I highly recommend Dr. Osborn. He knows his stuff! Injuries that I had no idea would be able to be treated have been resolved. Amazing!